What does the name "Baqara" mean?

A name has unique qualities to that specific owner.  A name can spark one's imagination, can bring up a memory, or can ignite one's curiosity.  It can also develop a reputation and play with one's emotions.  Along with our service, the Baqara brand was created with meaning.  The name "Baqara" came from a flower.  The Black Baccara is the darkest rose of them all with a very dark burgundy color.  It's beauty and long lasting life are a symbol of the memories created here at Baqara.

How many guests can Baqara Venues accommodate? 

We can hold up to 275 seated with a dance floor area at Baqara Reclaimed in Runnells. No need to remove tables during the reception. Baqara Coliseum can hold up to 900 guests seated with a dance floor.

Can I hold my ceremony here, too? What does my DJ need to provide? How late can our dance go? What about rehearsal dinner?

Baqara Reclaimed:

Yes! We have a large, gorgeous outdoor space available for your ceremony if you choose. Your guests will love our unique, one of a kind pavilion! Located just behind of the building, this makes your day easy and convenient for you and your guests. A completely paved area makes easy access for all!

In case of inclement weather, the ceremony will be held inside, on the dance floor.

You will need sound equipment to be provided by your DJ. Power is accessible for this. Your DJ will need to provide 100ft of extension cord. We do provide a 6ft table and black linen for your DJ outside and inside. The DJ must end the dance no later then 11:30pm.

Rehearsal is included if you are having your ceremony at either of our Baqara locations. A 1 hr slot time from doors open to end of rehearsal time. Example: Doors open at 5:30pm with rehearsal from 6-6:30pm.

Dinner space/time is included in select packages with a 3 hr. time slot from doors open to end of rehearsal

time. Time is determined at final planning meeting.

Baqara Coliseum:

Yes! Baqara Coliseum has a brand new, large outdoor space for your ceremony that is connected to the patio by a wide sidewalk. The “Coliseum” backdrop is a statement piece that you and your guests will love! The completely paved area makes easy access for all!

In case of inclement weather, the ceremony will be held inside on the dance floor or in front of the head table.

Sound equipment will need to be provided by your DJ. There is power close by for them to use. They will need their own extension cords and table.

Why is the Runnells venue called "Baqara Reclaimed"?

So much of what makes Baqara unique is in the details.  The Baqara Reclaimed has incorporated rural Iowa into its unique features.  Some of Iowa's hidden gems have been salvaged from rural barns and buildings and given a second life as decorative focal points in the venue.  The Baqara owners and their family have salvaged these hidden gems for many years and have now had the chance to share their beauty with others.  Everything at Baqara Reclaimed has a story.

  • Barn Doors - Our two unique barn doors are each 8' high by 6' wide and offer an amazing back drop for a wedding ceremony. The Baqara family built these doors out of Douglas Fir timbers that they salvaged from an early to mid-1900's grain elevator located in Boone, Iowa. This elevator stayed functional until the 1970's.

  • Structural Timbers - These large timbers are also Douglas Fir but were salvaged from the demolition of a building at the John Deere facility in Ankeny, Iowa. The existing building was built in the 1940's as an ammunition plant. It was built using what the land had available for lumber, which happened to be trees large enough to produce 11"x7" timbers. These timbers range from 14' to 24' in length.

  • Bar - This one of a kind bar is the focal point as soon as guests enter the venue. You will first notice Kentucky whiskey barrels separated by a stone wall. The barrels sit on a base made from red oak salvaged from a barn that the Baqara family took down in Orilla, Iowa. This barn was built before the turn of the century. As you come closer, a 13.5' long black walnut slab appears on top of the bar. The glassy finish brings out the natural beauty of this once massive walnut tree.

  • Restroom Stalls - Let's not forget about the one necessity in any business, the restrooms. The trim, the stalls and the stall doors are made from barn siding. The women's restroom uses siding taken from a early 1900's barn located just south of Knoxville, IA while the men's restroom incorporates lumber taken off a mid-1900's building south of Ankeny, IA.

  • Accessories - While dismantling a barn, some of the gems come in forms other than lumber. Without the use of large tools and power equipment, barns were built using a system of pulleys, rope, and horses. To make the barn functional the crown jewel of every early American barn was installed at the peak. This barn trolley would slide along a track system, typically to move hay bales from outside the barn into the loft. The trolley centered above the walnut bar top is a sentimental token of a once standing Baqara family farm.

Is there a changing area for the bridal party? 

Yes! We have a large, beautiful and functional Bridal Suites for primping and relaxing at both locations.

Also, we have created a Dungeon Suite for getting ready and relaxing as well at Reclaimed and a Men’s suite at the Coliseum.

The wedding party has access to these all day up until the reception begins. 

****Please note that the suites are a private area for the bridal party only while prepping for the day, up until the start of the reception. Personal items will need to be removed prior to reception start as the doors will be locked and there will be no access to them***

Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is? Are there decoration guidelines/restrictions? Can I use real candles? Glitter or confetti?

Most items stay where they are, however, tables and chairs can be arranged however you'd like. No items can be removed from the walls.

 There are to be no staples, pins or anything that will leave damage or any marking on any surface. 

Enclosed candles are allowed at Reclaimed and The Coliseum.

Absolutely no loose glitter or confetti is allowed. NO exceptions.

Only real petals can be used outside. These must be purchased from Baqara Floral, along with your wedding day fresh or silk floral needs.

Baqara Reclaimed Fun Fact:

Our two unique barn doors are each 8' high by 6' wide and offer an amazing back drop for a wedding ceremony.  The Baqara family built these doors out of Douglas Fir timbers that they salvaged from an early to mid-1900's grain elevator located in Boone, Iowa.  This elevator stayed functional until the 1970's.

What time can our vendors start setting up on the day of the wedding?  Does the venue provide assistance getting gifts or décor back to a designated car after the event has concluded? When do we have access to the venue?

Vendors can arrive as early as 8 a.m. 

Baqara staff is available to help load up personal items the night of the reception or you can pick up the next morning by 10am.

You and your family can arrive as early as 8am to start getting ready for the day. ALL must vacate by 12am.

Is there an outdoor space where my guests can mingle? Is there a separate indoor “socializing” space? 

The  large outdoor patio is included in your rental fee at both Reclaimed and The Coliseum for your use all day with seating and room for your outdoor games like bags and giant Jenga.

There is a soft seating area in the entrance available for you and your guests use for the duration of your event at Reclaimed. The Coliseum has the bistro area to relax and mingle.

Do you have an in-house caterer or a list of “preferred” caterers? Do I have the option of using an outside caterer instead? If I hire my own caterer, are kitchen facilities available for them and will we be charged any extra for not using any of your preferred caterers?

We do have a list of preferred caterers for your event. They are found on our website under "Vendors you will love" These are businesses that are trusted and have a history of being dependable and love what they do. However, you are not required to use them.

The one stipulation is that the caterer be licensed and insured. Proof will need to be sent to Baqara a month before if not on our preferred caterer list. There is no additional charge for you to use an outside caterer. There is a kitchen with a sink and counter space available.  No food may be cooked at any of our locations. All food should be brought in ready to consume and in warmers, by your caterer. You or a family member/friend are not allowed to be responsible for the food. The only exception is if you choose to do food stations and the food is made on site by the caterer.

If the food is to be dropped off by the caterer and needs to be set up, served, replenished and taken down, Baqara staff will take care of that for a charge of $400. 

Can I hire my own vendors ( DJ, caterer,photographer, etc.), or must I select from a list of preferred vendors? Do you have a list of recommended vendors? 

We do have trusted vendors under our "Vendors you will love" page that we know you will be satisfied with.

You are however, free to choose on your own. 

Do you have central air and heating? Are you located off any gravel? Can cars stay parked overnight?

Yes, we do! Comfortable temperatures for you and your guests is very important. Both locations are heated and cooled. We are located off pavement. No gravel travel for you or any of your guests at any of the Baqara locations. Yes, cars can stay overnight. Please do not drink and drive.

Are tables, linens, chairs, silverware, plates and glassware provided, or will I have to rent them myself or get them through my caterer? 

Tables, chairs and linens are provided in your rental fee. You have a choice of black or white linens.

Colored linens available for an upgraded charge.

The caterer provides the flatware or you are welcome to as well.

We can provide a formal setting of a napkin, charger, mismatched china dinner plate, mismatched china dessert plate, silverware and water glass for an additional  $1 per item, per person OR $5 per person for all 6 items.

Who will pick up the plates and trash? 

We do take care of the clearing of plates and trash if the caterer does not. We also remove and dispose of all the trash as part of our service.

Can I bring my own home made cake? Is there a cake-cutting fee? Do you provide special cake-cutting utensils? 

All cakes or desserts can be brought in by whomever you trust. You are responsible for your own flatware and utensils for the cake or dessert to be served with. We do not provide them.

Cake cutting and serving is provided by Baqara staff if needed.

We have many cake cutting sets and cake stands available for your use included in your rental.

Can I bring my own wine, beer, liquor or champagne? Can I bring in any other alcohol or drinks for the reception?

No. All alcohol is to be provided by Baqara ONLY. Any brought in will be confiscated immediately and not returned.


 We will gladly make arrangements for any custom beverages you would like available for your event ahead of time. 

All other drinks such as pop, lemonade and tea must be supplied and served by Baqara OR your professional caterer.  $1 per serving through Baqara bar.

Are you licensed to provide alcohol service? How is the alcohol priced? Are there additional charges for bar staff? Is there a bar minimum that must be met before the conclusion of the event? When is last call?

Yes, we have our liquor license and all required items to serve alcohol. 

The bar staff and service is provided in your rental fee at no additional charge.

The only minimum is that a cash bar be available for your guest. No dry weddings.

Is there parking on site? If so, is it complimentary? 

Baqara Reclaimed: The entire lot is available for parking, as well as the lot across the street at the school. 

Baqara Coliseum: The entire lot is available for parking.

Yes, all the parking is free and very close. No long walks, meters or parking garages.

Do you offer on-site coordination? If so, what services are included and is there an additional charge for them? How much assistance can I get with the setup/décor? 

We provide the set-up, clean up and tear down for your event. We do the decorating for you as we have planned with you. You also get your own planning software site to help keep everything organized and clear to determine details. Baqara staff will be on the premises during your event to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Does the venue have liability insurance? Are your health department certificates up to date? Do I need to provide any kind of insurance? Security?

Yes, we do have liability insurance.

Yes, our health department certificates are up to date. 

Yes, you do need to provide liability insurance per your contract outline.

No, you do not need to provide security at Baqara Reclaimed or Baqara Coliseum.

How much is the retainer to book my date? Is it refundable? How does paying the balance work?

$1000 is the down payment. Must be made by cash, check or money order. It is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. The deposit is NON-TRANSFERABLE to another couple OR to another date. Any and all payments made are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Half of the venue balance is due 9 months prior and the remainder of the venue balance due 90 days prior to your event.

All add-on items and final balance are due at the final meeting, usually 3 weeks prior to your event.

What is the nearest hotel to the venue? 

The nearest hotel, Sleep Inn, is located in Pleasant Hill, just 10 minutes from Baqara Reclaimed. Another 10 minutes and you can choose any of the hotels in Altoona such as Prairie Meadows and Adventureland Inn. Baqara Coliseum has many hotels within 2 miles.

Can my pet be the ring bearer in my ceremony? 

Yes, this is allowed! Pets can be brought on the premises, outside only. NO EXCEPTIONS. However, your pet must be up to date on all vaccinations (must submit paperwork the week before) and all responsibility is on you for the safety of you, your guests and all Baqara staff. NO pets allowed inside at either of our locations.