The Baqara Experience is focused on giving our clients something unexpected.  Every business provides a service, but Baqara wants to provide an unforgettable experience.  Uniqueness and creativity are what we strive for and being able to provide our clients something to "Wow" about is our passion.  Our staff would like to express our excitement for your interest in Baqara. We are driven by our passion to provide a service that raises the bar in the event world.

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A name has unique qualities to that specific owner.  A name can spark one's imagination, can bring up a memory, or can ignite one's curiosity.  It can also develop a reputation and play with one's emotions.  Along with our service, the Baqara brand was created with meaning.  The name "Baqara" came from a flower.  The Black Baccara is the darkest rose of them all with a very dark burgundy color.  It's beauty and long lasting life are a symbol of the memories created here at Baqara.


So much of what makes Baqara unique is in the details.  The Baqara Event Venue has incorporated rural Iowa into its unique features.  Some of Iowa's hidden gems have been salvaged from rural barns and buildings and given a second life as decorative focal points in the venue.  The Baqara owners and their family have salvaged these hidden gems for many years and have now had the chance to share their beauty with others. 


    • Our two unique barn doors are each 8' high by 6' wide and offer an amazing back drop for a wedding ceremony.  The Baqara family built these doors out of Douglas Fir timbers that they salvaged from an early to mid-1900's grain elevator located in Boone, Iowa.  This elevator stayed functional until the 1970's.
B (43).jpg

    • These large timbers are also Douglas Fir but were salvaged from the demolition of a building at the John Deere facility in Ankeny, Iowa.  The existing building was built in the 1940's as an ammunition plant.  It was built using what the land had available for lumber, which happened to be trees large enough to produce 11"x7" timbers.  These timbers range from 14' to 24' in length.
  • BAR

    • This one of a kind bar is the focal point as soon as guests enter the venue.  You will first notice Kentucky whiskey barrels separated by a stone wall.  The barrels sit on a base made from red oak salvaged from a barn that the Baqara family took down in Orilla, Iowa.  This barn was built before the turn of the century.  As you come closer, a 13.5' long black walnut slab appears on top of the bar.  The glassy finish brings out the natural beauty of this once massive walnut tree.

    • Let's not forget about the one necessity in any business, the restrooms.  The trim, the stalls and the stall doors are made from barn siding.  The women's restroom uses siding taken from a early 1900's barn located just south of Knoxville, IA while the men's restroom incorporates lumber taken off a mid-1900's building south of Ankeny, IA.

    • While dismantling a barn, some of the gems come in forms other than lumber.  Without the use of large tools and power equipment, barns were built using a system of pulleys, rope, and horses.  To make the barn functional the crown jewel of every early American barn was installed at the peak.  This barn trolley would slide along a track system, typically to move hay bales from outside the barn into the loft.  The trolley centered above the walnut bar top is a sentimental token of a once standing Baqara family farm. 

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